Assign Licence for PLUS app


 Assign License and Permission set 

If you are using User based licensing app, you should assign License to the user manually.

The first step before assigning License is to modify the permission set.

With the package installation, you will get two permission sets

  1. ValueText User
  2. ValueText User (Template editor)

Edit Permission Set:

Salesforce > Setup > Manage Users > Permission set > Choose ValueText User to edit.

  • Go to Object settings and then click on SMS Inbox.
  • Now click on Edit button and at tab settings, please mark Available and Visible as true
  • At Object permission section tick the checkbox for read, create and edit and save it

Repeat the same step for below objects

  • SMS Inbox Actions
  • SMS Workflow Schedules & Follow Ups
  • SMS Campaign
  • SMS Campaign Member

We can optionally skip but give access for SMS Outbox and SMS Inbox.

Perform the same process for “ValueText User (Template Editor). This Permission Set will act like Admin for the app and provides access to all SMS objects.

Manage License:

If you are using License based version, then you should assign the License manually. In addition to assigning the Permission Set to the User, License should also be assigned to give the access to the User for the App.

Salesforce > Setup > Installed packages > right side of ValueText you will find manage License > click on it

Now select the User and assign the License.

Important Note: User should have Permission Set assigned along with License to use the app.