Send SMS (Bulk) button configuration

Installation of “ValueText AppExchange” package will enable sending of “BULK SMS” button for contacts, accounts, case & lead object. Dragging a  button from a  page layout will enable the feature for users.

Java Script buttons are not supported by Lightning Experience as per the sales force limitations, so you cannot use BULK SMS button on custom object in Lightning Experience. If you are using Salesforce Classic below Java script button can enable BULK SMS on any object in Salesforce.

Login To your SalesForce Account  for creating button for Custom object-> Click on Setup -> Click Create -> Click Objects -> Select the Object that you would  want to create a button for -> Click on “New Button or Link”.

Display Type :“List Button”

Behavior : Select “Execute JavaScript” from the drop down list.

Content Source: Select “OnClick JavaScript” from the drop down list.


Bulk SMS button for Salesforce

Copy and paste the below javaScript code:

var records = {!GETRECORDIDS($ObjectType.<Object API name>)};

var strIDs='';

if (records[0] == null) {

  alert('Please select a record');


   for (var n=0; n<records.length; n++){       

     if(strIDs == '')

       strIDs = records[n];


       strIDs = strIDs + "," + records[n] ;

    } // end of for




Replace the “<Object API Name>” with the API name of the Custom Object.

   As an example, “Contact” has been used as the API Name in the above image

Click on SAVE and drag the button from the page layout to enable User Access.

Note:Java script buttons are not supported in Salesforce Lightning.