Sending Bulk SMS From Salesforce

Sending bulk sms feature enables you to send multiple messages in a single click.

Login to salesforce > click the tab to which you wish to send SMS > select View > Click on “GO”.

Send SMS from Salesforce

Select all or the records to which you want to send messages.

Send SMS from Salesforce

Click on “ Send SMS (Bulk)” button. Enable “Send SMS (Bulk)” button for custom object

Select all the required fields listed- Sender Id, Phone & Template. Once ready, the system will prepare the message to be sent for each record selected based on the Template chosen.

Note: The system will automatically mark the status as“Hold” and skip sending sms for all the records which has any data missing in the system.

The system will now list all the ready to send SMS under “Ready To Submit”.

Click here to send Single SMS from salesforce

Once it is ready, Click on “Send SMS (Bulk)” button to deliver messages.

Special Features:

  1. Dynamic preview- based on your selection, system will detect Status of each message which will not send any blank and Null data in the Template.
  2. You can Uncheck “select” to stop sending SMS.
  3. You can send Custom Text by using Custom Template.
  4. The Unique feature in schedule SMS, you can message to any time zone , weather time zone as per user or at any specific time Zone.



  1. From the List view you can only select 200 records at a time as per the salesforce limitations.