Workflow Action for SMS

Description: An SMS can be triggered for a Workflow action by creating a task within the workflow.

Example: Changing a loan status  to approved will trigger an SMS to the customer without using the send SMS button.

There are various scenarios where an SMS can be set to trigger for a Workflow Action.

How To Create a Workflow Action

  • Click on “SMS Workflow JSON Creator
  • A JSON code automatically populates in the “TASK JSON” dialog box.


Copy this entire code from the “Task JSON” dialog box including “{}”. This code is required during creation of a Workflow Task.

How To Create a Workflow Task with an SMS trigger action.

For example:

Create a workflow in which we will trigger a message on change of “Offer Expiry DT” on a contact.


Send SMS from workflow Salesforce

*** Please ensure “VTSMS” to be the default value in the Subject Field.  Empty or custom values will result in message delivery failure.

SMS from salesforce workflow

Click on Save and Activate the Workflow.

An SMS gets auto-generated if any changes are made to the “Offer Expiry DT”field.

These messages can be found under the “SMS Bucket” related list.

Send Text message from salesforce workflow

Features that Stand Out!

  1. Mobile Number can be configured in our SMS Workflow.
  2. Custom and Standard Objects can be configured under the Workflow SMS.

Limitations :

  1. Two or more Templates cannot be used on the a single task.You have to create multiple tasks for sending multiple message on single workflow action