What Is Sender Id?

A Sender ID is classified as a unique identifier of a message source. Sender ID can either be an “alpha numeric value or a phone number “ which is  based on message receiving country.

Maximum length for setting a Sender ID cannot exceed more than Eleven characters. This limit on characters can vary from one country to another.

For USA - the sender ID by default is a phone number.

For India - a custom sender ID has a 6 letter limit. A mobile number can also be configured  as a sender ID.

Countries except India  - the limitation is 11 Alpha Numeric Characters.

An SMS can be sent either from a Valuetext sender ID or a dedicated number that can be purchased from us. Prices for sender ID  (numbers) vary from Country to Country.

Configure sender ID at Salesforce:

There is no limitation to the number of Sender ID’s that you can register.

To register sender ID at Force.com app :

Login to Salesforce > “ValueText SMS” app > “SMS Sender Id Registration” Tab > New Button.


A “sender ID” can either be a purchased number or a custom alphanumeric value.

Check “IsActive” to make it available for the use.

A maximum of 3 working days is needed to activate a sender ID with the network operator.

During registration, ensure “Sent for Approval” is checked, this triggers an auto generated email to Valuetext requesting registration of the sender ID with the network operator.

These sender ID’s can also be configured or can be managed for the promotion or transaction messages at force.com App by providing access to the user profile

Use cases for Multiple Profiles:

  1. Multiple profiles can be used to send SMS to different countries.
  2. Multiple profiles can also be configured - one for transactions and the other for promotions.

For example: A sender ID marked for Marketing team can be tagged to the Marketing Profile (refer above image ).