How does free trial work?

A Free Trial Account with Minimum Funds can be created either on Salesforce or This account entitles exchange of messages within Trusted Numbers only.

Converting a Free Trial Account to a Fully Active Account

You have to provide any document which talks about your company legality, based on country we will take identity / address proof. After that we will activate to fully active account.

What are Trusted Numbers?

With a Trial Account you registered as Trusted Numbers, this enables you to test the functionality of the application. In case of trail account you can send messages only to Trusted numbers

A Fully Activated account will have unlimited access to send messages to any number.

What is a sender id?

A Sender ID is classified as a unique identifier of a message source. Sender ID can either be an “alpha numeric value or a phone number “ which is based on message receiving country.
Maximum length for setting a Sender ID cannot exceed more than Eleven characters and varies based on country

For USA - the sender ID by default is a phone number. An SMS can be sent either from a Valuetext sender ID or a dedicated number, that can be purchased from us.

For India - a custom sender ID has a 6 letter limit. A mobile number can also be configured as a sender ID.

Countries except India - the limitation is 11 Alpha Numeric Characters.

To Configure Inbound Messages, a number has to be purchased from Valuetext. Prices for sender ID (numbers) vary from Country to Country

What is the limit on number of messages that can be sent from my account?

Unlimited messages can be sent from your value text account.

What network carrier do you use to deliver messages?

We have tie up with many operators worldwide to deliver messages at local price with high speed.

Where can I see the status of message ?

You can find the status of message by using data extract option at or you can find at salesforce.

Can I use Phone number which I am already using for business?

In most of the countries this is not possible. All the messages has to sent with ValueText provided sender id or numbers.

What is the length of messages?

You can send 650 char length message and we count 160 bytes (160 GSM characters) as one message. If you are sending message with the length of 175 it will be counted as 2 messages. Price of message will be charged for each message count.

Is my data secure?

We store all your data in encrypted format. All the information is encrypted and transmitted over SSL.

What salesforce data you will collect?

We only collect salesforce org id

Can International Texts be sent?

Yes, Text/messages can be sent to any country. Currently we have covered most of the countries in the world and we are working to add more. Currently we have about 200 countries listed and are working on adding more.
If you wish to send messages to a country that is not listed, please write to us at so we will find other solution for you.

Are Inbound messages allowed in valuetext?

Yes, Please contact at to enable that service for your account

Can I refund my balance?

Email to refund will be initiated as per the refund policy.

What is Main Balance ?

You can send message to any country by using “Main Balance” funds except India. You can use Main Balance funds to pay for subscription or SenderId

Does valuetext charge for failed messages?

ValueText will not charge for failed messages, where system marked status as FAIL. When you submit a request system will hold the funds which is equivalent to message cost. In case of FAIL system will put it back to the wallets in 2 mins time.

Will I be able to send messages with NO Funds in My Account?

No, The System will respond with a “No Funds” error message.

What is Total Balance

Funds Available in Main Balance

Can I Schedule Messages?

This feature is currently available only from the App. This feature is disabled with other API services

Message Scheduling can be done for Future Activities like setting up a meeting or reminders.

Will Scheduled Messages get Delivered on Time?

No delay, we deliver messages on time but it can deploy because of network issue.

Can Schedule Messages be Stopped?

Your Salesforce app is having the feature of Holding a Scheduled Messages before the Scheduled Time.

Are Scheduled Messages Charged Extra?

No, Message Scheduling is a part of your ‘Standard’ Plan.