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Contact us - ValueText, SMS app for Salesforce ideal for Salesforce SMS and WhatsApp Integration

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Contact us - ValueText, SMS app for Salesforce ideal for Salesforce SMS and WhatsApp Integration

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs - General

What is the length of the message?

1600 is the maximum length of a message. However, in the case of SMS, every 160 segments will be considered as 1 message and you can compose up to 1600 characters.

What is the maximum file size and what type of files are supported?

You can send and receive files up to 5 MB and the files that are supported are: pdf, jpeg, png, jpg, xl, doc,mp3, mp4, and Ogg

What is the limit of messages per number that can be sent from an account?

If the volume is below 5000 messages per day then the limits do not apply but if the volume is higher then you can use shortcode to overwrite that behaviour.

Can I get my number?

Yes, you can get your number for sending WhatsApp messages all over the world. But if you would like to send an SMS then you can get your number with the help of porting or hosting methods.

What are Hosting and Porting?

If you would like to get your number for SMS (not for WhatsApp) then you can get your number by hosting or porting. Hosting means you are sharing the SMS capability with us and the existing voice line will be with your existing operator only.
Porting means your service provider will also change and it's completely assigned to us.

Hosting is supported for USA and Canada. Porting is supported for Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Slovenia, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Can I send messages to more than one country?

Yes, you can send messages all over the world. Our application can handle automatic number pickup, based on the country you are sending messages to, and you can schedule a message based on the targeted time zone.

Who is your service provider?

Our customers are in almost 40 different countries and they are sending messages to more than 100 countries, therefore we connected with different service providers worldwide while we also have direct aggregators.

Can I get my gateway?

Yes, we support integration with a gateway. However, by default, we also support a few gateways and you can simply configure the details with our app without spending time doing development work. Please reach out to us to know more about the default gateways that are supported.

Can I buy real numbers for OTP verification?

We have a few clients specifically for OTP verification and real numbers. Please contact our technical support for more information about your use case.

FAQs – Pricing Related

Is a volume discount available for SMS and licenses?

Yes, we have volume discount available, please reach us at:

Does SMS cost change based on the plan?

No, the message cost is the same for all the plans.

Do we need to buy message bundles?

We don’t have an SMS bundle and bundle expiry concept. You can simply load the balance (Automatic payment recharge is also available) into the wallet, and the system will deduct your funds as per your usage.

What is the price of a phone number?

Phone number costs vary from country to country, Please look for the pricing page on our website or contact our support/sales team.

Can I track the message status?

Yes, every message will have an updated message delivery status, cost of the message, and reason for failure.

What is a Sender ID?

A Sender ID is classified as a unique identifier of a message source. Sender ID can either be an “alphanumeric value or a phone number “ which is based on the message receiving country. The maximum length for setting a Sender ID cannot exceed more than Eleven characters and varies based on country

The default Sender ID for the USA is a phone number while an SMS can be sent either from a ValueText Sender ID or a dedicated number, that can be purchased from us.

For India - a custom Sender ID has a limit of 6 characters. However, a mobile number can also be configured as a sender ID.

Countries except for India – have a limitation of 11 Alpha Numeric Characters.

To Configure Inbound Messages, a number has to be purchased from ValueText.

Prices for Sender ID (numbers) vary from Country to Country

FAQs Data Security Related

Is my data secure?

Yes, we have two different architectures. Non-server model and server model.

In the case of the Non-server model, your messages will directly be sent to the network service provider and ValueText doesn’t even know what messages you are sending, and all the messages will be stored only in Salesforce.

In the case of the server model or pass-through server model, we store the data for 10 to 20 seconds before sending the messages to the network., and the messages are deleted automatically once they are delivered or processed.

You can enable the option based on your need.

Can I share credit card information or other important data over the chat, and is there any data masking features available?

You can share the important data and at the same time, you can implement data masking rules to protect the data.

What type of file securities do you have?

We have very high-level security. Our system automatically rejects it if the file’s type is not matching with your settings. For example, you can restrict the “exe” file sharing over the chat, and you can enable the setting to restrict.

See how ValueText can help you achieve 98% open rates and improve customer communication in Salesforce. See how ValueText can help you achieve 98% open rates and improve customer communication in Salesforce.
See how ValueText can help you achieve 98% open rates and improve customer communication in Salesforce.
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