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Need an easy-to-use texting app with great customer support at an affordable price? Meet ValueText.


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Improve different business areas with ValueText


Generate and convert more leads

When you get a new lead, SMS or WhatsApp text messaging is a much more effective way to quickly communicate with prospects in comparison to emails or phone calls from unknown numbers that get easily ignored.

Provide better customer support

Let customers communicate with support through multi-channel text messages or automated chatbots, and receive automatic updates on support cases. Not only it’s highly efficient, but also it increases customer satisfaction and decreases costs.

Automate appointment scheduling & reminders

Reduce your no-show rate and make appointment scheduling more convenient for your customers with automated alerts and reminders via SMS and WhatsApp text messages.

Send personalized marketing campaigns

Easily send personalized offers via texts to your prospects and customers from List Views, Reports or Campaigns to drive higher conversions.

Hundreds of successful teams worldwide communicate through ValueText

Powerful Features. Easy To Use.

One-to-one Conversations in ValueText - Salesforce messaging app for Salesforce SMS Integration

One-to-one conversations

Easily start texting through SMS or WhatsApp from any records in Salesforce such as contacts, leads, opportunities and even your custom objects.

Different chat views

Respond to customers using our Chat Console or Converse Inbox. Manage all the conversations in one place, add custom labels, use dynamic templates, send files and audio messages, schedule texts, set up auto responses, and much more!

Converse Inbox view in ValueText - Salesforce messaging app for Salesforce SMS Integration
Bulk text messages in ValueText - Salesforce messaging app for Salesforce SMS Integration

Bulk text messages

Want to quickly send or schedule your SMS and WhatsApp messages to many people in bulk? Not a problem, with ValueText you can do it from List Views, Reports or Campaigns. Send custom messages or use templates and bots.

Advanced Automation

Looking to increase your efficiency and save time? You can automatically send SMS and WhatsApp messages in Salesforce through native automation tools (e.g. instantly confirm scheduled appointments, send reminders, special offers, and more!)

Advanced automation in ValueText - Salesforce messaging app for Salesforce SMS Integration
Powerful chatbots in ValueText - Salesforce messaging app for Salesforce SMS Integration

Powerful Chatbots

Ready to move to the next level of automation? Our powerful ValueText chatbots allow you to track responses and interact with your contacts without any involvement. Chatbots are ideal for customer support, lead qualification, surveys, and more.

ValueText fully integrates with native Salesforce reports and dashboards to help you track performance of your team as well as cost and engagement of your messages.

Handle Opt-in and Opt-out in different ways - with keywords, public URL, Record level opt out, Org level opt out, or Time based opt out.

Empower your team to handle conversations on the go through standard Salesforce Mobile app.

Get notified about incoming messages even when you don’t have ValueText open. Enable email and mobile app notifications. Quickly expand the window to see full conversation and reply.


Send SMS and WhatsApp messages in Salesforce with Time, Timezone, and Business hours scheduling. You can control or stop the message from sending in case of any changes.

Easily create personalized messages with Dynamic Templates. ValueText supports unlimited number of Relation Fields so that you can customize names, account names, offer expiry dates, and more.

ValueText supports texting from Salesforce reports on any type of records or from CSV files. Choose to send messages immediately, schedule them, or set up recurring sending. We don’t use background API calls unlike other apps.

If the contact doesn’t use WhatsApp and the message cannot be delivered, an SMS will automatically be sent as a fallback channel.


See how ValueText can help you achieve 98% open rates and improve customer communication.

Why Choose ValueText

Salesforce native

We know how important a seamless Salesforce integration is, so we’ve designed and built ValueText specifically for Salesforce.

Quick and Easy Setup

Send your first text messages in less than 10 minutes. Our team will help you configure ValueText for your use case and will train your users.

Transparent and affordable pricing

Our pricing simple and affordable. We don’t add hidden charges or charges for failed messages. You pay only for your messages sent and ValueText subscription.

User-friendly app with outstanding support

Our customers find ValueText really easy to use. But if you are ever struggling with anything, our outstanding customer support team is always there to provide personal assistance.

Worldwide coverage

ValueText is trusted by hundreds of successful companies in over 30 countries around the world.

Enterpirse-grade security

We take security very seriously by offering end-to-end encryption, masking personal information (e.g. credit card numbers), handling opt-in and opt-out, GDPR compliance, and more.

ValueText is your trusted partner









Cédric Baumgartner - CPO & Co-Founder. Customer testimonial for ValueText - SMS App for Salesforce
John Levy - Chief Operating Officer. Customer testimonial for ValueText - SMS App for Salesforce
Charles Lucas - Salesforce Lead. Customer testimonial for ValueText - SMS App for Salesforce
Michail Berdinskiy - Salesforce Lead. Customer testimonial for ValueText - SMS App for Salesforce
Nassar Mehmood - Salesforce Delivery Lead. Customer testimonial for ValueText - SMS App for Salesforce
Renee Pierce - Salesforce Admin. Customer testimonial for ValueText - SMS App for Salesforce
Bala Peri - Development Manager and Salesforce Architect. Customer testimonial for ValueText - SMS App for Salesforce
Client testimonials

Valuetext is the outstanding solution to integrate WhatsApp and SMS into salesforce. The support team can also only be praised in highest tones. The team can be reached at any time and is ready to support within minutes in case of problems. Feature requests do not gather dust, but are integrated into upcoming updates within a short period of time. A feature that I particularly enjoy is the automatic fallback solution (if the WhatsApp message cannot be delivered, an SMS is sent) - this is an immense enrichment. I can only recommend this tool!

Cédric Baumgartner
CPO & Co-Founder
Client testimonials

We needed a text application that was simple to use and simple to integrate. So far it's been reliable, and bug-free. We have 150 users and they have adopted it with minimal training.

Jon Levy
Chief Operating Officer
Client testimonials

The system is very simple to use and renovate with time which is excellent. It is user friendly and the cost is very good. The new features have made it very easy for our business to communicate with patients and improve their journey experience. In my opinion the customer service and support is the best out there, very quick response and they assist you all the way without any ques.tions. I have been working with them for a year now and I have no complaints. I would highly recommend on Salesforce.

Charles Lucas
Salesforce Lead
Client testimonials

One of the best solutions for support in Salesforce. It's pretty user-friendly, has a good cost, and many features (live-chats, workflows, dynamic templates, dashboards, etc). But what most important that ValueText has a great team who can always help and modify the app under your wishes. Highly recommended this app. We expending this solution to multiple countries now.

Michail Berdinskiy
Salesforce Lead
Client testimonials

We were looking for a solution which was cost effective, easy to use and one that is continuously being developed and we found ValueText ticked all those boxes. From first contact to roll out support have been great. Willing to listen to ideas in how the app can be improved and very quick response. If ever you are looking for an SMS solution I would suggest you check out ValueText.

Nassar Mehmood
Salesforce Delivery Lead
Client testimonials

Our company was looking for a text application to notify our support team on weekends and holidays. ValueText was by far the simplest and most cost effective application for our needs. Within a very short time (an hour?), Value Text understood our requirements and our workflows were in place and running. Everyone from the support team to senior management is very satisfied with this solution!

Renee Pierce
Salesforce Admin
Client testimonials

After some research we found ValueText app as best to meet our needs. By using this app we’ve achieved time zone based scheduling for different business hours and also automated SMS to entire world with few workflows on Custom object. Support is great and available all the time when needed.

Bala Peri
Development Manager and Salesforce Architect

How to get started with ValueText?

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs- Trial Related

How does the free trial work?

Your account will receive 1.5 - 3 USD when signing up, and those funds can be used for sending messages. The standard trial period is 15 days but if you need more please contact our support team to extend the trial period.

Are all functionalities available in the trial version?

Yes, all functions are enabled in the trial version irrespectively of the plan you have selected. Once the plan is upgraded in your account the feature will be disabled as per the selected plan.

Can I send messages to any country in the world?

Yes, if you are using WhatsApp or Telegram. However, SMS messages can be sent and received only in the USA and Canada. For all other countries, you will be able to send messages but not receive a response. Please contact our support team to assign you a local number.

Converting a Free Trial Account to a Fully Active Account?

To convert your account, you will need to recharge by logging into the “” website. After the recharging process is completed, you will receive a setup number and steps to follow. The recharge should be completed as per your order form.

Can I send the messages to any number in the trial version?

Messages can be sent only to verified/trusted numbers. You can verify your number at Salesforce > ValueText Setup tab > Step 6 > enter your number with country code and click on verify.

What are Trusted Numbers or verified numbers?

If you are using the trial version then you will need to verify your phone number to send messages. Without verification, you cannot send any messages from your account.

FAQs - General

What is the length of the message?

1600 is the maximum length of a message. However, in the case of SMS, every 160 segments will be considered as 1 message and you can compose up to 1600 characters.

What is the maximum file size and what type of files are supported?

You can send and receive files up to 5 MB and the files that are supported are: pdf, jpeg, png, jpg, xl, doc,mp3, mp4, and Ogg

What is the limit of messages per number that can be sent from an account?

If the volume is below 5000 messages per day then the limits do not apply but if the volume is higher then you can use shortcode to overwrite that behaviour.

Can I get my number?

Yes, you can get your number for sending WhatsApp messages all over the world. But if you would like to send an SMS then you can get your number with the help of porting or hosting methods.

What are Hosting and Porting?

If you would like to get your number for SMS (not for WhatsApp) then you can get your number by hosting or porting. Hosting means you are sharing the SMS capability with us and the existing voice line will be with your existing operator only.
Porting means your service provider will also change and it's completely assigned to us.

Hosting is supported for USA and Canada. Porting is supported for Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Slovenia, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Can I send messages to more than one country?

Yes, you can send messages all over the world. Our application can handle automatic number pickup, based on the country you are sending messages to, and you can schedule a message based on the targeted time zone.

Who is your service provider?

Our customers are in almost 40 different countries and they are sending messages to more than 100 countries, therefore we connected with different service providers worldwide while we also have direct aggregators.

Can I get my gateway?

Yes, we support integration with a gateway. However, by default, we also support a few gateways and you can simply configure the details with our app without spending time doing development work. Please reach out to us to know more about the default gateways that are supported.

Can I buy real numbers for OTP verification?

We have a few clients specifically for OTP verification and real numbers. Please contact our technical support for more information about your use case.

FAQs Data Security Related

Is my data secure?

Yes, we have two different architectures. Non-server model and server model.

In the case of the Non-server model, your messages will directly be sent to the network service provider and ValueText doesn’t even know what messages you are sending, and all the messages will be stored only in Salesforce.

In the case of the server model or pass-through server model, we store the data for 10 to 20 seconds before sending the messages to the network., and the messages are deleted automatically once they are delivered or processed.

You can enable the option based on your need.

Can I share credit card information or other important data over the chat, and is there any data masking features available?

You can share the important data and at the same time, you can implement data masking rules to protect the data.

What type of file securities do you have?

We have very high-level security. Our system automatically rejects it if the file’s type is not matching with your settings. For example, you can restrict the “exe” file sharing over the chat, and you can enable the setting to restrict.

See how ValueText can help you achieve 98% open rates and improve customer communication in Salesforce. See how ValueText can help you achieve 98% open rates and improve customer communication in Salesforce.
See how ValueText can help you achieve 98% open rates and improve customer communication in Salesforce.
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