Create Bulk SMS Button for Custom Object for Lightning theme

Important Note: If you are using the Classic version, please click here to see the instruction. Below explained instruction is applicable only for the Lightning theme.

By default, there will be List view Bulk SMS button for Contact, Account, Lead, Campaign, and Case. (If you are unable to see, access the same from search layout > List View)   

 if you are using Lighting, you have to create a button by doing below instructions.

Step 1) Create a Page

Navigation :  Setup > Custom code > Visualforce pages > Search for “VtBulkButtonMaker” page > Click on “Preview” button

Single Message Img

Select the object where you want to create button and click on  “Create Bulk Button Page” button

Single Message Img


Step 2: Create a Button

 Navigate to below :

Lightning theme Instructions: Setup > Object Manager > Object  > Buttons > Click on New Button or Link > Select  Display Type asList Button and Content Source asVisualforce Page

Now Select the page which you have created in Step 1 and save it.


Step 3: Assign the button to Layout

Navigation : Setup > Object > Search Layout > Edit “List View” > Drag the button to “Selected Buttons” section and save it.

Single Message Img


Bulk SMS feature is now ready for use.