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Using SMS templates in Salesforce is going to enable your sales team to be even more productive by reducing the time taken to draft and send SMS text messages to your customers. Being able to send SMS text messages directly from your CRM adds massive value to your business, and to the experience of your customers. This being said, the task of creating the text message content will become quite cumbersome if done repetitively. The content of these messages will be similar or identical in a lot of cases.

How Sales Teams Benefit from SMS Text Messaging in Salesforce

Your teams are going to save a significant amount of time while sending high-value text messages from Salesforce using SMS templates. SMS text messaging used to be a communication channel that was utilized for personal conversations, and the occasional notification from a business about an upcoming appointment or promotion. It has since evolved into a two-way communication tool that Sales teams can use to build strong, intimate relationships with their customers and prospects.

To easily teach your Sales team how to use your SMS templates, you can use tools like Scribe to easily record the process and automatically generate a step-by-step guide for them. You can do it in just a few minutes and it will be extremely valuable and appreciate by your team.

With a considerably higher average open rate of 98% compared to the 25% of email, SMS is an inexpensive and efficient way to achieve your sales goals and get your products or services into the hands of your customers quickly.

At ValueText, one of the top-rated messaging apps for Salesforce available on the AppExchange, we’ve collected a number of SMS text messages that you can use in your business to create value with your customers using SMS Templates in Salesforce. And if you are still looking to add texting functionality to your CRM, here is a guide on how to set up Salesforce SMS integration first and a list of Top SMS Apps for Salesforce.

SMS Templates in Salesforce: Special Offers/Discounts

“Hey, {Customer Name} – don’t forget to use code HBD50 for your birthday discount! T&Cs apply, offer valid until 06/30/2022. Reply STOP to opt out.”

You have likely received a text message like this one before. Providing your customers with a special discount that they can use to save money on your products or services is a fantastic way to strengthen your relationship with your clients. Not only are you creating an offer that will save them money, but you are also making it a lot easier for them to acquire your products or services by minimizing the financial barrier for them.

SMS Templates in Salesforce: Customer Relationship Check-Ins

“Hey, {Customer Name}, it’s {Account Executive Name} from {Business Name}. Got questions about {Product Name}? If you do, simply reply to this text. Cheers!”

SMS Templates in Salesforce - Customer Relationship Check ins

ValueText supports the ability to use merge fields within messages to allow sales teams to create high-value, contextual, personalized messages using data that is stored in Salesforce. SMS templates in Salesforce can be used to quickly send a message to a lead who isn’t responding via other channels (like email), and the message can contain information relevant to their specific situation.

SMS Templates in Salesforce: Appointment/Event Reminders

“Hi {Customer Name}, don’t forget about your upcoming appointment at {Business Name} on {Date}, at {Time}. Reply YES to confirm and NO to cancel.”

SMS Templates in Salesforce - Event and Appointment reminders

Circling back to an earlier point – you and your customers both lead busy lives. Sometimes they will engage with your business and book an appointment or RSVP to an event that they genuinely plan to attend, but due to their busy schedule and juggling the many aspects of their lives, they completely forget.

A short text message with information about the upcoming event is often just what they need, and at the very least it offers them an easy way to reschedule if they have accidentally double-booked since. This SMS template will also reduce the no-show rates at your events, which means a lower cost and higher ROI for your events.

Advanced Automation for Appointment Reminders in ValueText, SMS Messaging App for Salesforce

SMS Templates in Salesforce: Time-Sensitive Sales News

“Good evening, {Customer Name}. Only {Quantity} spots left at our upcoming seminar. Follow this link to register now: {Link}”

Time-Sensitive Sales News Template

There will be times when you need to reach out to a large group of your customers all at once, and a high response rate is imperative to the success of your event. ValueText supports several ways to send messages to multiple recipients at once in bulk, which means your sales team will be able to save time while reaching as many customers with a high-value message as possible.

Bulk Text Messaging in ValueText, SMS Messaging App for Salesforce

As mentioned earlier, an SMS message has a significantly higher open and response rate than a traditional email, so this will likely be the best channel your business can use to reach as many customers as possible with urgency.

It is important to use this template carefully so you do not overwhelm your customers with irrelevant information, or abuse their trust by sending messages too frequently. You will need to consider how receiving a text message can interrupt your customers’ personal lives, and be respectful of their time.

SMS Templates in Salesforce: New Product or Service Launch

“Thank you, {Customer Name}, for signing up to the waiting list and being so patient – we’re finally ready to share some exciting news with you! Our new {Product Name} is available NOW! You can begin with a one month free trial by signing up here: {Link}”

SMS Templates in Salesforce - New Product or Service Launch

Your business is constantly innovating and creating new ways to create value for your industry and your customers. In most cases, the hardest step of launching a new product or service is getting it into the hands of your customers – your new innovation is not of much value to your customers if they do not know it exists!

A commonly used practice when about to launch your new product or service is to let your customers know in advance and gather interest from them through a landing page with a sign-up form. Once your product or service is ready to launch, you can use our SMS Templates in Salesforce to reach out to the customers who have previously shown their interest directly. This is a far more effective way to market because you already know who else is excited about your launch!

Automate Messaging from Salesforce

Now that you have a few examples of SMS Templates in Salesforce that your sales team can use to engage and create value for your customers, you can begin to put a new plan in place for your business. To automate messaging using SMS templates and seamlessly integrate it with your CRM, it’s best to use a Salesforce native messaging app. ValueText is a great example of an easy-to-use Salesforce texting app with great customer support at an affordable price that allows you to send SMS templates automatically based on your business rules.

With ValueText, you can easily use standard Salesforce functionality like Salesforce Flow to automate your SMS Text Messaging communications and make your sales team even more efficient.


You already know that SMS Text Messaging is a far more effective way to connect and engage with your customers than other channels like email. Now that you have a few examples of SMS templates in Salesforce, you can work with your business to craft an effective communications plan for various use cases (new product/service launch, event/appointment reminders, etc). And remember, you can even automate the sending of your messages using ValueText and standard Salesforce features like Salesforce Flow.

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