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    • Dynamic routing between SMS and WhatsApp
    • Workflow automation and Scheduling
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    • Multi Object Supported Templates
    • Single Platform For Global Messaging

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WhatsApp & SMS features for Salesforce

ValueText enables you to use advanced feature of communicating with your customer. Our force.com application is a fully automated platform which can accelerate your business and your communication with your customers in the most simplest way.



For Business related SMS & WhatsAPp Alerts and Notifications, Valuetext provides a simple Force.com application which can be integrated with your existing SalesForce Platform to Valuetext messaging solution with just a few clicks. Sending a single message or messages in Bulk in real time Status Updates are Valuetext’s Forte.

International Messaging

No need to integrate multiple gateways for cost effectiveness and for different countries. Integrate with ValueText and send messages to any country with local Price.

SMS & WhatsApp Workflow Automation

This will allow you to send auto SMS or WhatsApp by simply setting up a Salesforce Workflow rule and action. You don’t need to write a single line of code. Just use our point and click tools to set up auto messages.

Featured Templates

Templates will help you to create a dynamic message which you intend to use. Using this feature you can build templates for all force.com standard or custom objects. All related object fields can be used in a single template.

SMS / WhatsApp On Related List

You can send messages to all the related list of leads from a campaign or contacts from an account. This feature can be set to any object in salesforce.

API For Custom Development

Valuetext provides a plethora of options to integrate its SMS services with other applications like Java, .NET, C, C++ etc. Our flexible and powerful API works with almost any software application and major ERP solutions.

Bulk Or Single SMS & WhatsApp texting

Bulk Messaging is a powerful feature that Valuetext offers to its customers. This feature will enable you to send messages to a group of selected contacts in a fraction of a minute. It will allow to send more than 200 SMS from List view of salesforce.

Multi Language Support

Our application supports sending messages in most languages in the world. The user can type a message in any intended language and we will be able to deliver the same as a text message to the receiver.

SMS or WhatsApp Appointment reminder

With the help of advance schedule feature at ValueText, you can setup appointment reminder message from workflow or process builder. Ex: You can send auto sms to your customer before 2 hour of appointment schedule.

WhatsApp for Salesforce

WhatsApp integration with salesforce. You can send whatsapp text alerts from salesforce to your customer. If your customer not using WhatsApp then SMS will be sent.

Schedule Messages For Any Timezone

User can set up schedule time for sending messages at any intended time zone. You can control or stop the message from sending in case of any changes. We can support all time zones.

Track Deliver Status

Our service provides a real time status report on message delivered. The customer can monitor the progress of message sent on real time basis.