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Disable Phone Field to Use

Salesforce provides a facility to capture multiple contact numbers of a customer through below options

  • Phone
  • Mobile Number
  • Home Phone
  • Assistance Phone
  • Other Phone
  • Our custom phone type field

Requirement:  Your Business may not want to use all the 5 contact numbers for sending SMS and hence there is a requirement of ‘Home Phone’ to be disabled so that no SMS would be sent to ‘Home phone’.

Solution: Below configuration need to be done which will disable the phone field utilization for sending SMS for ‘Home Phone’.


Login to Salesforce > ValueText App > “Custom Phone Fields” tab > Click on “New” button.

Select the object – where you want to disable the field.

Select Action – There will be a dropdown with two types of actions. Please select the action “Deactivate phone field to use”.

You can also learn about “Active text formula field to use” here


Disable Phone Field to Use

Select the phone field that is to be disabled – Home Phone.

Ensure we should not miss selecting Active checkbox and submit it.

Go to Contact record(any record that having Chat Console). You can notice “Home Phone” is not appearing now in the phone filed selection of chat console.

Use of “Active text or formula field to use” :-We can show  text or formula field that holds phone number at chat console with adding that field, same like above but choose Select Action as “Active text or formula field to use”.


  1. This disable phone field functionality is not applicable for the SMS from Workflow or Process Builder.

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