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Record linking for first incoming messages

First incoming message will look into the specified object and search based on the phone number.

All customer date would be probably store in 1 or 2 objects. Therefore, those 1 or 2 objects you have to select at Salesforce > Value Text setup tab > Other settings > choose the object in first preference object and second preference object if required > Save

Ex: we have selected 1st preference as Lead. It will check all leads phone numbers if the current phone number matches with any lead record phone fields the message will go to that record.

In case no phone number matches in 1st preference it will go to the 2nd preference Object.

How to setup 1st preference ,2nd preference records. Follow below references.

Go to Value Text setup Tab >>> Search [Other Settings (Optional)].

and click on “update”

How the incoming message is linked to record. Any message you receive will be stored in to the message bucket object.

If the record is found then the “related to” field in the message bucket will be filled. If the system found the record based on the settings then you can see the “related to” field is filled with the related Salesforce ID.

The same message is automatically shown in the mini-chat console of the linked record.

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