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Message from Flow

Description: A message can be triggered from a flow action by choosing to create a record.

Example: Changing a lead status to “Closed – Converted” will trigger an Message to the customer without using the “Send SMS” button.

How to send a message from a flow:

  • Step 1: Define your flow condition, and when it has to start.

  • Step 2: Choose “Create Records” from “add elements”.

  • Step 3: Select “Message Bucket” or “SMS Outbox” based on the version you are using.

  • Step 4: Define 5 sets of fields as in the image below.

SMS from Flow

Field: “Message (rsplus__Message__c)”, You can keep the text that you want to send out, in the resource variable as a text field or you can use Templates. Field name: “Template ID (rsplus__Template_ID__c)”, you can give value as template name of which you have created. Make sure it is not the template record Salesforce ID.

Field: “Number(To Phone)(rsplus__Number__c)”, choose “Field Reference” and choose the Phone number field from the object (Lead) you are referring to.

Field: “Related To(rsplus__Related_To__c)”, choose “Field Reference” and choose the ID field from the object (Contact) you are referring to. This will help to create a history of  Message.

Field: “Sender ID (rsplus__Sender_ID__c)”, chose “From address” or “Sender ID” of a message. Please refer to your “Sender ID” tab

Field: “Type(rsplus__Type__c)”, Assign value as “Outbound”

Features that Stand Out!

  • Custom and Standard Objects can be configured under the flow message.

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