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Chat Session

A Chat Session is a period in which messages with “customers” have been exchanged.

The interval between Chat Sessions is generally 30 minutes however you can customize it by following the steps below. To better understand the use of a Chat Session imagine that you are chatting with a customer, and you close the chat because the issues is fixed. If the same customer sends you a text again after 3 days for example this will activate a “New Chat Session”. Meaning a new incoming or outgoing message will create a new session.

How to set it up?

Step 1

Go to “Value Text Setup” >>> In Step 1 you will find “New conversation difference time (enter in minutes)”. There you can define the custom time in “Minutes” Like 10,20, 30, etc.

E.g.: If you select 30 minutes ever messages after those 30 minutes of no texting will create a New Chat Session.

Refer to the image below.

Step 2

Close or create a new session manually.

To close the Chat Session manually you need to click on “Close Session” and that will do it. The button will be located on the top right corner of your Mini-Chat Console, refer to the image below.

Step 3

Access the Chats History based on Chat Sessions

  • Go to “Converse view”

  • Go to the “Required Record”, and click on the ⏬ icon and the chat sessions will be displayed.

However, if you selected the 1st radio button it will automatically open the Mini-Chat Console on your ride side with the full message history, refer to the image below.

How to enable the chat session

By default, the chat session is not enabled. You have to enable the chat session by enabling the check box at the “ValueText Setup Tab” > “Omni channel message routing” > Enable the check box “Chat Session”.


Q1 . Is Chat Session and WhatsApp session is the same thing?

No, WhatsApp session is a 24 hours window which is activated by a WhatsApp approved template message or an incoming message. Refer to this link:

Chat session is a different conversation with the same customer in different time interval.

Q2. Can all conversations be stored on an object?

Yes, all chat sessions will be stored in “rsplus__Chat_session__c” object.

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