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Setup Activity History for Message

1. To setup activity history for every message, we have to create the task from a flow that will show up in the activity history of the record page,

Go to “Setup” from salesforce.

 2. Search for “Flows” in Quick Find [2] and click on Flows from a section of process automation [3]; it opens the Flow page; click on “New Flow”. [4]

3. After clicking on New Flow, Pop Up should open for you to choose the Flow type and the record triggered flow, then click “Create.”


4. Next, it opens a pop-up to set up the configure start, chooses an object, and filter conditions.


1. Choose “Message Bucket” Object [5]

2. In configuring trigger, choose “A record is created.”

Set Entry Conditions

3. Message should be null to false [6]

Click “Done”.




on Title – choose Related To Name Formula from the record

4. Recipient IDs – choose resource variable.

Click Done.


5. Create New resources with the type Formula,

use the below values in the formula

1. Use Type

2. Message with left 45 characters

TEXT({!$Record.rsplus__Type__c})+’ : ‘+ LEFT({!$Record.rsplus__Message__c},45)

6. Next, Add the Create Records Element

7. With adding Create Records element will open the pop-up to select options, choose as shown below

Note: Create a Record of This Object: Choose Object as a “Task”

Set Field Values for the Task.

1. Subject = Map the created formula resource

2.Description = Record Message

3.WhatId/Related To = Record Related to

Note that if you are using messages on contact or lead, you have to map [WhoId == Record Related to].

4.Status = Completed

5.Priority = Normal

Click `’Done`’.

Save the Flow and Activate it.


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