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Bulk Messaging

This feature can be used to send the same SMS content to a list of mobile numbers. All you need is the correct Mobile numbers of the Receivers.

Navigation: Salesforce > Open Tab “ Bulk Messaging”

Select the Sender ID from the “Select Sender ID” dropdown.

Phone Numbers separator: in this section, you have to select Comma, Space, or Newline to enter phone numbers in the Phone Number box.

Phone Numbers (Separated by a comma): in this section, you can enter as many mobile numbers as you like separated by “comma, space, or newline (That you selected the in the Phone Numbers separator).

Add required text in the “Message Body”. The body text is limited to 1600 characters unless you select “Non-object Templates”.

Note: “non-object templates” means without merge fields.

bult messaging

Click on “Send SMS” to deliver the message. 

Special Features:

  • You can send messages even without adding/attaching a contact record.

  • You can view the status of each message in the Message bucket Object.

Limitations :

  • With this bulk message, you can only send 1000 messages, if you want to send more than 1000 use the “Bulk Messages from CSV” feature.

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