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Schedule messages from process builder

Schedule messages from the process builder

We have two types of schedules to send messages from the process builder.

  • No time-dependent schedule

  • Time-dependent schedule (With or Without Time Zone)

  1. No time-dependent schedule

  • In this schedule, you can use standard Salesforce functionality where you can define n hours/days before/after the date value. Here you cannot define a specific time (like 9 AM) to send a message.

  • Please follow the below steps to create a schedule.

  • Just create an action under the schedule section like below.

  • Choose record creation > Message Bucket > must select 4 mandatory fields.

Sender ID *→ for now, you can use 15415161800 for testing purposes

Number(To Phone) * →Reference > Mobile Number field from contact

Template ID * → Template id must be in this format “T00001”

Related to * → Related record id to load merge fields.

Schedule messages from process builder
  1. Time-dependent schedule

As the name suggests this schedule type is dependent on time. In this schedule, we can send SMS at a specific time like 10:30 AM.

  • Please follow the below steps to create a schedule.

  • Just choose an immediate action ( Must not be salesforce SCHEDULE ACTION)

  • Choose record creation > “Text schedule & follow up” > must select 8 mandatory fields.

Sender ID * →You can find your sender id at Salesforce > ValueText from app menu > Senders tab

Mobile Number Field* → must be an API name field like below (it will take the updated phone number from the API Field Name)

Template ID* → template id must be in this format “T0001”

Related to * → related record id to load merge fields.

Start time * → choose the picklist value for the time or you can write a formula to pass the dynamic value.

Start date * choose a formula and build your own logic like (ex: send 2 days before meeting date then your formula would be “API name of the field – 2”)

Action Type *Schedule

Frequency * Only once (If you want to set a recurring schedule then take another value and you have to include END DATE in the field to stop the recursive messages)

END DATE→ required if the frequency type is not equal to “Only once”

Time zone→ (Must be ValueText or Salesforce supported format Ex: return values of UserInfo.getTimeZone().getID() method)

  • Each scheduled transaction will be stored at salesforce under the related record at “Text schedule & follow up” related list.


Stop schedule:

  • You can stop the schedule at any time by marking the “Stop” check box on the related schedule record. Create a process builder action to stop the schedule in a smart way.

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