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Setup ValueText Notification in Utility Bar

1. To Setup ValueText Notification Utility, open salesforce and click setup [1] from the gear icon.

2. Search for “App Manager” in Quick Find [2] and Open App Manager from blow search [3]; it opens all lightning applications in your salesforce.

Choose the one lightning application that you want to set up (here we have chosen Sales console), click edit

3. Access the lightning edit page.

4. Click on Utility Items (Desktop only) [5], it opens the Utility Items page, in that again click on the “Add Utility item” button [6], next select the ValueText Chat Window in the Custom Managed section from the Dropdown [7].

5. It opens the “PROPERTIES” section, which gives the Label, Panel Width, and Panel Height, and Checks the checkbox of Start automatically.

Recommendations for Panel Width and Panel Height:

1.Panel Width=350

2. Panel Height=580

6. Click Save.

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