Channel Settings

ValueText app has designed to handle multiple channels. Currently ValueText has two channels SMS & WhatsApp.

We can also add other channels like WeChat, Line or any other custom app on request with some development efforts.

  • Enable or disable any channel
  • Set the order of execution

Enable or Disable channel:

  1. You can assign one or more channels for the Salesforce User.
  2. Your message will be sent as per the channel settings assigned to you. If you have WhatsApp as channel assigned to you then your messages will be sent via WhatsApp channel.
  3. You can set the channel under your org level, profile level & user level. System will consider your user level channel settings first and if user level settings not there then it will check your profile level channel settings and then org level channel settings.
  4. That means your org level settings will overwrite by your profile and then your user level settings.
  5. You can assign SMS(Channel 1) for few users or Profiles or WhatsApp (Channel 2) for few users or profiles.

Set the order of execution:

Order of execution means you can set your first preference, second preference. If your customers are not active or available with channel 1 it will automatically route to next channel.

Let’s say your settings are like WhatsApp, SMS (First preference is WhatsApp and Next preference is SMS). System will try to send WhatsApp messages first; if your customer is not available with WhatsApp then it will send SMS.

Set the channel at Salesforce:

  • Salesforce > ValueText > ValueText Setup tab > “Channel order settings”


Refresh secret

Choose respective value at “type” and set channel and order of execution.