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Channel Settings

ValueText app has designed to handle multiple channels. Currently, ValueText has three channels SMS, WhatsApp, and Telegram. 

We can also add other channels like WeChat, Line, or any other custom app on request with some development efforts.

  • Enable any channel

  • Channels at Message the interfaces.

1. Enable any channel:

To enable channels you have to select the required channel in the ValueText setup

  • Salesforce > ValueText > ValueText Setup tab > “Channel routing default settings”

Choose your preferred channel-1, preferred channel-2, and preferred channel-3, based on your chosen order sending of message execution works.

Channel Settings

2. Channels at message interfaces:

1. Based on selected channels in ValueText setup, chat console, Bulk message list view and other interfaces show the same order of channel and the default channel will be the preferred channel-1. 

2. You can change the channel to send the message through other channels.

Channel Settings

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