SMS from process builder

Description: An SMS can be triggered from a process builder action by choosing record creation.

Example: Changing a loan status  to approved will trigger an SMS to the customer without using the send SMS button.

There are various scenarios where an SMS can be set to trigger for a process builder action.

How To Send an SMS from process builder

  • Step 1:Define your flow condition when it has to fire
  • Step 2:Choose “Record Creation” under IMMEDIATE ACTIONS or SCHEDULED ACTIONS
  • Step 3:Select “SMS Bucket” or "SMS Outbox" based one version you are using
  • Step 4:Define 4 set of fields as below image

SMS from process builder Salesforce

Field “Number”: choose "Field Reference" and choose Phone number field form the object(Contact) you are referring

Field “Related To”: choose “Field Reference” and choose ID field form the object(Contact) you are referring. This will help to create a history of SMS

Field “Sender ID”: From address or Sender Id of message. Please refer your “Sender ID” tab

Field “Template Name”: Template name of which you have created. Make sure it should not be the template record salesforce id

Features that Stand Out!

  1. Custom and Standard Objects can be configured under the Process builder SMS.