Sending Single message From Salesforce

This feature enables you to send message from a record on any object

Login To Salesforce > click on any tab > Open any record

Click “Send SMS” button to open a panel to send sms.
Enable “Send SMS” button for custom object

Single Message seding from Salesforce

You can Disable Pop-Up blocker if your browser is not allowing you to access. Below is the screenshot that explains setting on Chrome Browser.

SMS from salesforce

You can view the preview of the message by selecting the - Select Sender Id, Select Phone Field & Select Template.When you fill all the fields you can see the preview of the message as “Template Preview” in the example highlighted in Yellow in the screenshot below. Example: {!name} is replaced with “Steven Adams”.

SMS from Salesforce 

When you have all the data ready (number & merge fields, etc.) to send SMS, the system will read and will mark the status as “Ready To Submit”.

“Schedule SMS (optional)” section allows you to schedule message delivery to a future time and date. Salesforce will set the default time zone while sending messages.If you wish to change the time zone to your required time, you can change time Zone by using edit option.

Ex:Your default Time Zone set is America/Santiago but, your customer Timezone is India. In such case you will have to reset your time zone under edit option or you can contact the salesforce admin to change your default Time Zone.

When all the required fields are filled in, click on "Send SMS" to send SMS and you can see the status of the message as shown in below image.


Single Message from Salesforce 


Status Comments


1. If number not found or wrongly entered.

2. No data available in merge fields

3. When wrong fields are mapped to Template

Ready to Submit

All required information is available to send sms like Number, SMS body and merge fields.


The status displayed when the message sent out for delivery.


Special Features:

  1. Dynamic preview-  based on your selection, system will detect Status of each message which will not send any blank and Null data in the Template.
  2. You can send Custom Text by using Custom Template.
  3. Unique Feature of schedule SMS is, you can send out a scheduled SMS to users as per your Time zone or the user time zone.